Menich takes the medical fear out of exotic travel

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Mark D. Menich spent 20 years in the Army before moving to the private sector.

Mark D. Menich spent 20 years in the Army before moving to the private sector.

Mark D. Menich not only has decades of service in the military, he also is Colorado’s Springs only certified travel medical specialist.

A travel medical specialist is a subspecialty that focuses on preparing travelers for overseas exotic travel.

“Probably you wouldn’t come to me if you were going to spend a week in Paris,” he said. “But if you were going on a mission trip to Africa, or somewhere in the Middle East, then you’d need a travel specialist for all the inoculations — and to know what to expect as far as medicine is concerned.”

A new member of Colorado Springs Health Partners, Menich has been in Colorado Springs for two years.

He recently took time to tell CSBJ about himself and his organization.

Organization: Colorado Springs Health Partners

Position: Allergist-immunologist

Hometown: Cary, Ill.

How long have you lived in Colorado Springs? Two years

Education: Bachelor’s degree and medical degree from the University of Illinois.  Graduate medical training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

A few words about your company: We’re the largest physician-owned multi-specialty group in Colorado Springs, providing comprehensive, high-quality services to patients in multiple locations around El Paso County.

Recent accomplishments: Reaching 20 years of military service, then moving to the private sector to provide medical care to the Colorado Springs community.

Biggest career break/accomplishment: Having the Army pay for my medical school.  I didn’t come from a military family, but I needed the money.

The scholarship led me down a path I wouldn’t otherwise have envisioned for myself.

The toughest part of your job: Giving a patient bad news; worse if it’s the parent of a pediatric patient.

Someone you admire: Ulysses S. Grant.  Not a lot of natural talents, but dogged and determined.  Loved his family.

About your family: We’re a little eccentric, with very diverse interests.  We can still have fun together, though.

Something else you’d like to accomplish: At work, I’d like to establish myself in this community and really contribute.

At home, I’d like to grow the perfect tomato.  Tough in this climate.

How your business will change during the next decade: We’ll certainly have to adapt to whatever the current push for health care reform brings us.

We have find a way to be more efficient and lower expenses, but not at the cost of excellence or maintaining a patient-friendly environment.

What book are you currently reading? “Truman” by David McCullough and “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen.

What is the one thing you would change about Colorado Springs? Better public transit, with good connections to Denver.

From what I’ve read, you could get from downtown Colorado Springs to downtown Denver faster in 1909 than you can today.