Despite downturn, county raking in use tax revenue

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Despite a 34 percent year-to-year reduction in the construction of new single family homes and a 49 percent reduction in commercial construction, the amount of money El Paso County has collected from use taxes on building materials has more than doubled.

That’s because the county has overhauled its collection process, county officials said.

The new tax formula assumes that 40 percent of the value of any commercial, residential or other building project is in material. The Board of County Commissioners approved the new method earlier this year.

Members of the construction and home-building sector opposed the measure, however.

For the first six months of this year, the county collected $1,024,794 in use tax revenue compared to only $314,253 for the same period last year. The data indicates another $1 million will be collected when current projects are completed.

Combined county use and sales taxes were still off 10.5 percent, compared to the same time last year.

Work on the 2010 El Paso County budget is set to begin on July 30.

2 Responses to Despite downturn, county raking in use tax revenue

  1. Hey, if the people try to cut back on their expenses, the government figures out another way to steal it from them. It is about time the fat county and city got rid of all the fancy living, retirements and health coverage and put everybody on the same diet that the rest of us… Try social security for your retirement funds. Also, stop all the glamorization projects that we can’t afford. What they do is cut back on the truly critical services like police and continue the socialized transportation systems like the RTD- where everyone pays for the handful that actually ride the silly thing. The government’s mentality is like the welfare class that I work with, don’t give up the Big Macs, and oversize drinks, friday night six packs and their cigs… use your cash to buy that stuff and then complain that your welfare check doesn’t cover the baby’s food and diapers. Oh yes, just got to have a new tat. In the meantime they want to raise their dole (taxes).
    Sign me disgusted with America’s inselfsufficiency…

    July 7, 2009 at 3:25 pm

  2. Dennis, you say the government is trying to steal from “the people?” What you meant to say is that your cronies in the building industry have conspired to steal from the county millions over the past 21 years since there has been no oversight under the watchful eyes of Tom Huffman and Chuck Brown. Do you advocate tax cheating? Why do you stick up for those who have hosed the county? Are you a shill for the so-called Housing and Building Association? Why should the rest of us pay 7.4% while the arrogant house builders thumb their nose at the county?

    Dick Burns
    July 7, 2009 at 10:29 pm