California, IBM continue to lead in ten patent rankings

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Colorado makes a lot of Top Ten lists, but not this time.

Instead, California is the most patent-rich state with 22,202 new patents registered during 2008. Texas was second with 6,800, followed by New York, Washington, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio and Minnesota.

The current top-ten patent rankings by state, technology category, and company were identified by Amy Hartzer, president of ISO Patent and David Rodgers a patent attorney, the authors of Business Success Through Innovation.

In addition, the authors offered opinions about the industries and categories most likely to see new patents.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office classifies patents into primary technology categories. The pharmaceutical category of Drug Bio-Affecting and Body Treating Compositions continued to lead in the 2009 rankings with 4,779 issued patents in 2008.

The top-ten technology categories for all U.S. patents in 2008 are:

1. Drug, Bio-Affecting and Body Treating Compositions-4,779
2. Semiconductor Device Manufacturing: Process-4,514
3. Multiplex Communications-4,513
4. Active Solid State Devices-4,109
5. Telecommunications-3,114
6. Chemistry: Molecular Biology and Microbiology-2,675
7. Multicomputer Data Transferring-2,672
8. Organic Compounds-2,625
9. Image Analysis-2,418
10. Computer Graphics Processing and Selective Visual Display Systems-2,334

While Colorado didn’t make the top 10 list, it is a regional headquarters for several of the top ten companies that have filed new patents – and Colorado Springs is currently home to a Hewlett Packard facility that until recently employed more than 800 people. Intel closed its chip manufacturing plant during 2009.

On the top ten list of companies, IBM was awarded the most patents for the 16th consecutive year. The 4,186 patents awarded to IBM in 2008 marked the first time more than 4,000 patents were awarded to a single entity in a single year.

The top-ten companies ranked by number of U.S. patents awarded in 2008 are:

1. IBM-4,186
2. Samsung Electronics-3,515
3. Canon-2,114
4. Microsoft-2,030
5. Intel-1,776
6. Matsushita Electric Industrial-1,745
7. Toshiba-1,609
8. Fujitsu-1,494
9. Sony-1,485
10. Hewlett-Packard-1,424