Parade, some national media attention and the Obamas

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A letter will be going out to the first lady, Michelle Obama, from Mayor Lionel Rivera asking her to join the Colorado Springs community in honoring our military at the Red, White and Brave Parade on Aug. 29.

I have already sent a letter to President Obama inviting him to join us for the celebration of 20 years of the CSBJ and the Springs business community. The event will be Aug. 20 at the Stargazer Theatre and Event Center, and will benefit Urban Peak, an organization that helps homeless teenagers.

Attendees will be receiving a copy of the 20 years of Springs business book that looks back on the community and some of the people that made things happen. I am very proud of our newsroom for doing a great job on this project. Wait until you see this book.

Since these two community events are so close together, maybe the Obamas could make a vacation out of the trip to the Springs. I have never been to Camp David, but I bet the presidential suite at The Broadmoor wouldn’t be too much of a step-down; then again, I have never been there either.

The Colorado Springs Airport shares runways with Peterson Air Force base so The Prez would have easy access to get in and out of here in a hurry if needed.

I have heard the first lady is very supportive of the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program.

According to the Blue Star Families Web site, “The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration program was established under the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act. The program’s goal is to prepare service members and their families for deployment, sustain the family and service member through deployment and help reintegrate them back into their civilian communities when they return.”

Taking care of the military families should be a high priority. We have plenty of organizations with similar missions in the Pikes Peak region.

The Obamas taking part in the Red, White and Brave Parade would get the Springs some needed positive national media coverage. Heck, CNN can use the CSBJ office here on Platte Avenue and Tejon Street for its communications center.

In the mayor’s draft letter to Mrs. Obama he writes, “I have been inspired by hearing you speak about the importance of reaching out to and supporting military families. If you are able to visit us, we would be happy to coordinate an opportunity to speak to a large group of military families, as well as meet the directors of several local military-support non-profits.”

Large group, yeah … we don’t have a facility large enough for that group.

Put Aug. 20 for the CSBJ 20-year celebration and Aug. 29 for the Red, White and Brave Parade on your calendars.

I will keep you posted, as soon as I hear back from President Obama. Buy your tickets early, the price will go up when Obama calls me.

The parade however, will remain free for spectators.

Lon Matejczyk is publisher of the Colorado Springs Business Journal. He can be reached at or 329-5202.