Wal-Mart offers bill pay service

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Wal-Mart shoppers can now pay credit card, auto loan, utility, phone, and cable TV bills at the store’s customer service desks.

“We’re introducing Walk-in Bill Pay nationwide to provide another affordable money service option that will help families manage their monthly budgets so that they can save money and live better in these tough economic times,” said Financial Services President Jane Thompson.

One Response to Wal-Mart offers bill pay service

  1. What are those words from that song by Sting……turn the clock back to zero, it’s a brand new day??? Well, hush my mouth and pass them grits…..the south rose again…..only this time in the form of those long ago complete company stores. What’s next? Have your paycheck automatically deposited in Wal-Mart’s bank and then you get an advance on next month’s paycheck after all fees are deducted?

    M. M. Mills
    August 26, 2009 at 2:31 pm