Grants awarded to 26 Pikes Peak region nonprofits

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The EL Pomar Foundation has released the names of 26 local recipients of $305,000 as part of the 2009 Colorado Assistance Fund II program.

Care & Share                                                                                    $65,000
Catholic Charities                                                                            $20,000
CASA of the Pikes Peak Region                                                        $15,000
Colorado Springs Ecumenical Social Ministries                               $10,000
Franciscan Family Wellness Program                                               $10,000
Gospel Shelters for Women (Liza’s Place)                                         $5,000
Harbor House Collaborative                                                            $10,000
Christian Healing Network (Mission Medical Clinics)                      $5,000
Northern Churches Care                                                                  $5,000
SET of Colo. Springs                                                                        $5,000
Children’s Advocacy Center                                                             $15,000
The Salvation Army                                                                          $15,000
Shalom Park                                                                                     $5,000
Silver Key Senior Services Foundation                                              $10,000
Springs Rescue Mission                                                                   $10,000
St. John’s Baptist Church                                                                  $5,000
T.E.S.S.A                                                                                           $15,000
Tri-Lakes Cares                                                                               $5,000
Urban Peak                                                                                       $10,000
Westside Cares                                                                                 $5,000
Peak Vista Community Health Centers Foundation                          $40,000
Community of Caring Foundation (Aspen Mine Center)                    $5,000
Little Chapel of the Hills                                                                   $2,500
Teller County Safe House                                                                  $5,000
Teller Senior Coalition                                                                       $7,500
Help the Needy                                                                                 $5,000

More than $600,000 of the $1 million fund had already been distributed to nonprofit organizations located in rural areas of the state. 

El Pomar trustees worked with an already existing network of nine advisory councils representing rural parts of the state to identify those nonprofits best positioned to offer immediate assistance to Colorado residents hurt most by economic downturn. Pikes Peak-area (El Paso and Teller counties) grant recipients were identified by El Pomar trustees and grant officers.

R. Thayer Tutt, El Pomar Foundation Chief Investment Officer and a member of the organization’s board of trustees said this year’s awardees were selected based on “the direct services they provide.”

“The fund’s scope widened this year to especially address issues of abuse – domestic violence, substance abuse and child abuse.  Community demand is up in all categories – and many of our dedicated [human service] providers have been overwhelmed,” he said.

Statewide, a total of 115 organizations were recipients of the unsolicited grants.