Americans still traveling for R ‘n’ R

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Americans’ leisure and travel plans don’t indicate much of a recession.

Families and individuals who have traveled for leisure this year, or plan to before year’s end, are in the majority.

Nearly 84 percent of respondents to a survey by Travel Leaders said they already traveled for leisure this year, and 88 percent said they will take at least one leisure trip during 2009.

“Rest and relaxation” is cited by 70 percent of those surveyed as the number one reason for a getaway, followed by 53 percent with “I/we take a trip every year,” and 48 percent with “I/we needed to get away.”

Not surprisingly, most of the travel, 65 percent, was within the United States – further than a bordering state – but 42 percent had traveled internationally this year.

And 47 percent said their spending was about the same as in previous years.
As for 2010?

Well, 42 percent are already planning a leisure trip for next year.