More people living paycheck to paycheck

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Living paycheck to paycheck is apparently becoming more common in the United States.

A CareerBuilder survey reported 61 percent of respondents saying they are “just getting by.” That’s up from 49 percent last year and 43 percent during 2007, according to a new nationwide survey by CareerBuilder.

And, it’s not just the working poor who are struggling.

The survey also found that 30 percent of workers with salaries of $100,000 or more report that they, too, live paycheck to paycheck, up from 21 percent in 2008.

To make ends meet, 21 percent said they have reduced their 401(k) contributions or personal savings in the last six months. An additional 36 percent said they don’t put any money in retirement plans, up from 31 percent in 2008.

Thirty-three percent report that they don’t put any money aside into their savings each month, up from 25 percent in 2008, while 30 percent set aside $100 or less each month for savings, and 16 percent save less than $50.

This survey polled 4,478 U.S. workers this spring.