Judge throws out Fischer’s USOC lawsuit

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Hours after attorney Lindsay Fischer filed a 25-page response regarding his lawsuit against the City of Colorado Springs alleging that the city’s plan to issue certificates of participation secured by a fire station and the Police Operations Center is illegal, District Judge Scott Sells threw out the suit.

In a brief order characterizing the COPs as “constitutional,” Sells dismissed Fischer’s suit “with prejudice.”

Such dismissal bars a plaintiff from filing another case on the same claim.

Fischer had no comment about the judge’s action.

Read the text of the judge’s order here.

2 Responses to Judge throws out Fischer’s USOC lawsuit

  1. OK, can we PLEASE move forward now and make this city thrive???

    Mikki Andersen
    September 23, 2009 at 4:13 pm

  2. I will remember the name Scott Sells whenever judges are on the ballot next time. I believe Linsay Fischer to be an extremely competent and knowledgable attorney, and I don’t think he erred in his opinion about the USOC funding farce.

    I also read your other piece , John, on the NYC office space the USOC just rented. Chances are, not only are they paying full non-discounted rent for that space, but they are likelt paying in the neighborhood of $150-$200/sq. ft. nnn for that space, which is the going rate in a “depressed” NYC rental market. That could amount to as much as $58K A MONTH (!!) for 3500sf. How much did they con the city out of for the Tejon Street place that the city will own?

    And we wonder why we’re broke?

    Moe DeLaun
    September 24, 2009 at 12:04 pm