Stimulus money goes to 9 more state projects, none in Springs

The Colorado Transportation Commission has approved nine more construction projects to receive stimulus money.

The money is leftover as a result of lower-than-expected bids on earlier projects.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has received $400 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for projects, about 75 percent of which has been “obligated,” or earmarked.

  • Interstate 25 and Alameda (Denver) — Bridge reconstruction — No project start time given — $37.4 million ($35 million came from ARRA).
  • U.S. 24 west of Limon (Lincoln and Elbert counties) — Resurfacing of just over 11 miles of highway, from mileposts 0.20 to 0.43 on U.S. 24F and from 364.6 to 375.4 on U.S. 24G — starts in early summer 2010 — $6 million.
  • Veteran’s Bridge in Pueblo — Construction of a new pedestrian bridge at the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk — Start in February 2010 — $1.07 million ($600,000 in ARRA funds).
  • U.S. 50B Chico Creek East, U.S. 50C, Colorado 233 East (Pueblo County)
    — Resurfacing of about 6 miles of U.S. 50B and just under 3 miles of U.S. 50C/business route, repair of the bridge deck at Chico Creek, widening U.S. 50B to include a center left turn acceleration/deceleration lane and an eastbound right turn acceleration/deceleration lane, and widening of Colorado 233 at US 50C – business route (for a left turn bay on Colorado 33). Project also includes other safety improvements such as additional guardrail, bridge rail upgrade and minor widening along U.S. 50B — Starts in summer 2010 — $9 million ($5.2 in ARRA funding).
  • Colorado 14 from Walden to U.S. 40 at the base of Muddy Pass (Jackson County) — Resurfacing of about 8 miles of roadway — Starts in spring of 2010 — $7 million.
  • U.S. 34, Brush to Akron (Morgan and Washington counties) — Chip seal of approximately 15 miles of roadway — Starts in Spring 2010 — $2.1 million ($1.6 million in ARRA funding).
  • U.S. 6, Morgan/Washington County Line East (Washington and Logan counties) — Resurfacing of 9.5 miles of roadway — Starts in Spring of 2010 — $5.2 million ($4.5 million ARRA funding).
  • U.S. 160, Shaw Creek to Del Norte (Rio Grande County) — Resurfacing of approximately 5 miles through the town of Del Norte and constructing of ramps for the disabled at the intersections — Starts in Spring 2010 — $5.5 million ($3.9 million in ARRA funding).
  • Colorado 2 from 62nd Ave. to Quebec St. (Adams County) — Resurfacing of just under 3 miles of roadway; project includes curb ramp and guardrail upgrades, installation of fiber optic conduit from 64th to Quebec Parkway, upgrading of traffic signals at the 64th and 72nd intersections — Starts in Spring 2010 — $2.7 million ($2 million in ARRA funding).