Ritter visit good for business

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Gov. Bill Ritter visited Boulder Street Gallery today. It was a good marketing opportunity for the business' owners Terry and Jennie Henderson, pictured to the left of Gov. Bill Ritter

Gov. Bill Ritter visited Boulder Street Gallery today.

When Gov. Bill Ritter’s office called Boulder Street Gallery owner Terry Henderson this week and asked whether the governor could stop by, Henderson didn’t have to think about it too long.

“Absolutely,” he said. “I told them that would be great.”

It was great not because Henderson is a Democrat, as Ritter is, but because a visit from the governor can bring a good deal of publicity, and Henderson knew it would be a marketing opportunity he couldn’t afford to miss.

“That’s good exposure for us,” he said.

So, after he penciled in the governor and hung up the phone, he began calling the media, newspapers, TV and radio stations, telling them Ritter would be at his gallery at 206 N. Tejon, at 10:45 a.m. today to congratulate him for the wise use of a loan he received earlier this year from the Colorado Enterprise Fund.

The media, too, knew a visit from the governor wasn’t one they could pass up.

Two TV news crews, a host of reporters and three state legislators showed up to welcome the governor and make sure they walked away with photos and quotes, and audio and sound bites.

And Henderson, along with his wife Jennie, who co-owns the gallery, stood behind the governor and lapped up the free publicity – which will likely get his business’ name in front of more viewers than an ad.