Winnings trickle in for back child support

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It’s now been a year since a Colorado law went into effect, requiring casinos to check for and collect payments from the winnings of individuals who owe back payment money for child support.

During that time, $94,834 has been collected for families in El Paso County. 

The proceeds, however, represent only a small percentage of the total amount of child support due families – more than $156 million recorded countywide through September. Last year, El Paso County collected more than $42 million in child support payments through a private contract with Policy Studies Inc.

Casino operators are required to monitor all gambler winnings. Any time a bettor wins $1,200 or more, his or her name is searched in a central database. If child support is owed, winnings are placed in an account for the family or families to which back payments are owed.

“While it is a small portion of the total amount due to El Paso County families, it all adds up,” said Commissioner Sallie Clark. “Most importantly, this makes a tremendous difference to the families who are finally able to receive some financial support.”