H1N1 cases leveling

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Reports of H1N1 are leveling off in El Paso County, but influenza cases continue to climb.

El Paso County Department of Health and Environment officials said swine flu hospitalizations, outpatient flu-related clinic visits and absences from school have dipped during the past week.

“Keep in mind these indicators still show a significantly higher level of flu diseases as compared to averages from typical flu seasons,” said Dr. Bernadette Albanese, health department medical director of El Paso County Department of Health and Environment. “We’ve seen 111 flu-associated hospitalizations from Aug. 30 to Oct. 27, which exceeds the total from the previous flu season, which was 99 hospitalizations.”

Public health officials are still tracking the flu trends – and say it is likely the county will still see high numbers of illness during the coming weeks. When seasonal flu hits – which it has not yet – is the determining factor, she said.

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