World’s largest tire recycling plant now in Colorado

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Colorado is now home to the country’s largest tire recycling plant.

The plant sits on 120 acres near Hudson, Colo., about 30 miles northeast of Denver.

Construction of the plant bodes well for the state’s reputation as a leader in the new energy economy.

Quebec, Canada-based Magnum D’Or Resources not only purchased the industrially zoned land, buildings and equipment, but is now equipped to inventory up to 30 million tires. The new operation will also feature a large “multiple stage” shredding system for its new tire processing facility.

Once installed and permitted, the system will allow Magnum to kick off commercial operations – the first such business in the United States. The end-product will be raw feed product for the country’s rubber powder production lines.

The facility is one of the largest tire landfills in the world, said Magnum president Joseph Glusic.

“It’s anticipated that everything will be in place in short order, and we will be able to commence full operations very soon. In the competitive environment of rubber product manufacturing, this is a major development having a direct positive impact on our customer’s bottom line,” Glusic said in a statement.

In a recent report to stockholders, the company said it was working to complete filming by December on a segment that will be included in a 21st century environmental and clean technology series set to air on CNBC, Fox, Asia TV and other international networks.

2 Responses to World’s largest tire recycling plant now in Colorado

  1. Boy, just think how many rugby fields could be made from 30 million tires!

    Dick Burns
    November 2, 2009 at 1:28 pm

  2. Instead of 30 million tires, now they’ll have 30 million ground up tires! A new method of processing tires into #diesel fuel @ $.25 per gallon is about to be unleashed on the industry. The idea of spending tens of millions on grinding equipment is now passe’.

    June 18, 2010 at 7:13 am