Colorado State University to unite veterans with green jobs

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Colorado State University unveiled an initiative to promote a green jobs education initiative for military veterans.

College officials say CSU is the first four-year university to provide such opportunities to veterans.

The agreement establishes a formal relationship between CSU and the Denver-based, nonprofit Veterans Green Jobs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The initiative promotes academic disciplines that provide post-educational career opportunities for veterans in the green jobs sector, both in Colorado and nationally.

“This agreement brings together two important goals for the university – supporting our student veterans, and preparing them, along with the rest of the student body, for potential careers in the emerging green workforce,” said CSU Interim Provost and Executive Vice President Rick Miranda.

To achieve the partnership goals, the university and Veterans Green Jobs will focus on:

  • Supporting military veterans attending Colorado State University in achieving their educational and professional goals for the green jobs sector;
  • and, developing pathways and programs that will assist and encourage military veterans to attend Colorado State University to undertake undergraduate and graduate level studies in green job related disciplines.

For more information about Veterans Green Jobs, visit or contact Kirsten Maynard, (415) 350-4147,