Colorado 10th for women’s wages

Filed under: Daily News | has ranked Colorado 10th in the nation for women’s median weekly earnings.

The survey, based on July data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, said Colorado women earn $693 a week or $36,036 a year, placing the state ahead of the national median of $638 a week or $33,176 a year.

Even though women appear to fare well in Colorado, their average pay is 78.9 percent of what men make.

Washington, D.C., classified as a state for survey purposes, topped the list with $866 a week for women and Mississippi placed last with $510 a week.

Forbe’s top 10 states for women’s earnings are:

1. D.C., $866
2. Maryland, $774
3. Connecticut, $772
4. Massachusetts, $762
5. California, $738
6. New Jersey, $726
7. Alaska, $719
8. Minnesota, $717
9. Washington, $709
10. Colorado, $693

One Response to Colorado 10th for women’s wages

  1. Well, how does that figure in other areas? Lets not stop there and strive to keep what is left of jobs and manufacturing.

    Theresa Niel
    December 4, 2009 at 6:49 pm