Added troops to Afghanistan means deployment of tax dollars

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About 4,500 troops from Fort Carson will be part of the 30,000 troops President Barack Obama plans to send to Afghanistan next year.

That’s not very good news for the Colorado Springs economy that’s already hurting for sales tax revenue.

“It’s certainly going to have an economic impact,” said UCCS finance professor Tom Zwirlein. “It’s just taking away 4,500 people who spend money on a lot of things here. And, this was unexpected.”

The nearly 4,500 who will deploy next year are in addition to the nearly 4,500 already serving there, and several thousand more are training for an upcoming deployment to Iraq.

Zwirlein expects that the sectors most affected will be the retail, restaurants and housing.

“Apartment vacancy rates will go up,” he said. “And, when this sort of thing happens, the families that are left behind often move back home with parents or other relatives.”

Zwirlein also said sales tax revenues will suffer, compounding problems for a city budget that’s already seen massive cuts to city services.

2 Responses to Added troops to Afghanistan means deployment of tax dollars

  1. I understand that a lot of families move home when deployment occurs; however, I have to wonder if there is any offset from combat pay being received by those families that do stay. Increased pay from being in a combat zone could possible be spent here in our community. Just a thought.

    December 2, 2009 at 1:57 pm

  2. Hey … Did someone miss the real point? These fellows are going to a hostile area putting their lives in danger & you are worried about Sales Tax Revenues!! How shallow can one be? Just goes to show that all CS respects about the military is the paycheck! What a bunch of phonies!!

    December 2, 2009 at 3:17 pm