Medical marijuana bill up for hearing at Capitol

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DENVER (AP) – The first attempt to try to regulate Colorado’s medical marijuana industry is up for its first vote at the state Capitol.

The Senate Health & Human Services Committee is holding a hearing on a bill aimed at preventing doctors from issuing medical marijuana recommendations to recreational users.

Under the proposal, doctors would have to give medical marijuana patients a physical exam and provide follow-up care. Those under 21 would need to get the approval of two doctors.

Medical marijuana advocates are divided on Sen. Chris Romer’s proposal. Some dispensaries want clear regulations that they can plan their businesses around. But others fear that requiring follow up visits could cost patients hundreds of extra dollars a year.

One Response to Medical marijuana bill up for hearing at Capitol

  1. So how is someone like Chris Romer not a hypocrite if he’s not also pursuing making alcohol and nicotine illegal, or at least more difficult to obtain? I don’t see how you can ignore substances that are addictive, deadly, and yet still legal and go after non-addictive, far less dangerous drugs that are already illegal instead… are you telling your constituents that you care more about earning political capital than saving their lives?

    January 27, 2010 at 1:27 pm