Biblica recognized for giving

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Colorado Springs’ faith-based nonprofit organization Biblica – a new name for the International Bible Society and Send in the Light which merged during 2007 – has been named one of the country’s Top 20 Grant-making Foundations for Christian Organizations.

The foundation gives both nationally and internationally to Christian organizations that further its mission of translating, interpreting and publishing the Bible. Its stated goal is: “To give more and more people throughout the world the opportunity to experience the Bible.”

The organization also publishes and markets Christian books as well as supports worldwide missionary and philanthropic programs.

The rankings, which were first published by Here-4-You Christian Grants Consulting & Christian Grant Writing also appeared on a January 27 blog posted by Christian Post

Colorado Springs-based Biblica ranked No. 20 on its list of the country’s most generous funding foundations during 2009. The local organization’s offices are at 1820 Jet Stream Drive.

First on the list was National Christian Foundation, headquartered in Aharetta, Ga., followed by the Christian Aid Ministries in Berlin, Ohio and the Nehemiah Corporation in Sacramento, Calif.