Western, wildlife gallery to open at Broadmoor

John Marzolf has purchased The Hayden-Hays Gallery at The Broadmoor.

Former owners Kris Faricy, Norma Lee Quinlan and Elizabeth Kane, who opened it during 1979, will continue with the gallery. Marzolf plans to make only a few changes, including expanding the collection to also feature pieces that will appeal to junior collectors and long-time art enthusiasts.

During March, Marzolf will open a second gallery, also at The Broadmoor, that will focus on western and wildlife art.

Four years ago, Marzolf purchased the Biltmore Galleries in Scottsdale, Ariz., after selling his auto dealerships in Colorado and “retiring.”

The Biltmore primarily features work by deceased artists, but both galleries at The Broadmoor will feature contemporary works by living artists. Marzolf said he will spend six months of the year in Arizona, and the other six in Colorado, during the busy summer season. He is also looking forward to finding and unveiling fresh talent.

For more information, visit the gallery’s Web site.