Securities commissioner cites American Imaging

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A Colorado company received a final cease and desist order from the Colorado Securities Division for violating the securities registration provisions of Colorado law.

American Imaging Solution and John C. Walshe, both of Denver, were named in the order, which claims that he sought investors to expand the company by placing an ad in the newspaper advertising “high yield investment opportunity.” Investors were promised a one-year note with an annual interest rate of 15 percent with a minimum investment of $10,000.

The division said the company failed to register the security offering, and Commissioner Fred Joseph cautioned investors about giving money to people who promise large profits or unrealistic returns. Potential investors should call the Division of Securities at (303) 894-2320 to verify information about an offering.

The order requires the company to immediately and permanently stop selling any security in or from Colorado in violation of the anti-fraud, registration and licensing provisions of state law.