Senate debates candy, soda, software taxes

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DENVER (AP) – Legislation to tax candy, soda, software downloads and energy used in manufacturing passed the first reading in the Colorado Senate by a single vote.

The measures passed their initial reading late Monday night after about 12 hours of debate. The final round of voting might not come until Wednesday.

Bills to tax software, candy and soda and agricultural compounds passed by just one vote as some Democrats voted with Republicans to oppose them. Gov. Bill Ritter suggested the tax increases as a way to correct a shortfall in the state’s budget.

Debate temporarily came to a standstill near the end of the night after Republican Sen. Shawn Mitchell accused Democrats of working together to allow some members to vote no on the controversial bills. Senate President Brandon Shaffer said Mitchell was out of line and refused to recognize him. They later both apologized to each other.

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  1. Tax,Tax,tax, tax, tax,Tax,tax……….Try living within your budget……whats next?
    Tax the air we breathe?

    February 10, 2010 at 7:48 am