Springs Rescue Mission expands programs

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Springs Rescue Mission has a new plan to assist the homeless after the City Council passed a ban on homeless camping on public property.

The mission will expand its available bed capacity within its New Life Recovery program, a one-year residential program that helps people transition from life on the streets to permanent housing. It also will expand its hours and the number of people it serves.

“Springs Rescue Mission has played a major role in a consortium of homeless service agencies, organized by Homeward Pikes Peak, to provide appropriate, high-quality programs that assist homeless individuals in moving from the despair of homelessness and substance abuse to the hope of a better-quality, self-sufficient life,” says Bob Holmes, executive director of Homeward Pikes Peak.

To facilitate awareness, a group consisting of current residents from the mission’s program will be visiting area homeless camp sites, along with members from the Homeless Outreach Team, distributing information and inviting interested men to explore the entry process.

“I personally know a lot of those guys living in the tents from my recent days as a homeless individual myself,” says Dave, a current Springs Rescue Mission resident. “I just want to tell those living in tents how my life has changed in a more positive direction since I became a part of the New Life Program at the Mission. I’ve been there and know that there’s something better that’s possible.”

Lyn Harwell, director of programs said the mission didn’t want to dabble in politics.

“Regardless of city regulations, the rescue mission has been, and will remain, a safe place for people and families in need of free food, clothing and urgent care,” she said. “Our long-term goal is to offer life-changing services to society’s marginalized individuals ready and willing to break habits of poverty or addiction. Frequently, this takes a serious commitment of time and effort building relationships, healing long-standing wounds, and teaching self-sufficiency.

“There is no doubt that our community has tremendous compassion and concern for everyone who is without a home or living on the edge of homelessness. Springs Rescue Mission has been helping those in need for 13 years. Regardless of local legislation, we purpose to be a hub and connecting point where the people of our community and local church can learn about the issues, learn how to offer real help to those in poverty or homelessness, and walk along side someone in need of honest love, help, and support.”

Currently, Springs Rescue Mission is serving more than 20,000 meals each month and housing nearly 40 men in transitional treatment.

Donations to help keep the programs going and volunteers to serve are always needed.

Springs Rescue Mission is located at: 5 W. Las Vegas St. in Colorado Springs.