H1N1 vaccine shelf life shorter than thought

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If you haven’t already gotten your H1N1 flu shot – time might be running out.

The manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, recently announced about 12 million of its flu vaccinations had a shorter shelf life than originally intended. While the lots remain potent, they are losing their potency more rapidly than expected, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a health alert network.

The news comes at a time when many health officials believe that the flu epidemic has run its course, and that it will be difficult for this strain of swine flu to pose a problem in the future, as people who contracted the flu are now immune to it, and many people already received the vaccination.

The alert covers 50 lots and the CDC has changed their expiration date. Sanofi Pasteur will send a notification to providers who received doses from any of the 50 lots of vaccine described.

For information about the recall, call (800) CDC-INFO.