Scott resigns from Memorial Commission

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Another member of the Memorial Commission has resigned because of a possible conflict of interest.

B.J. Scott, president and CEO of Peak Vista Community Health Centers, resigned earlier today, citing a “perception of a conflict of interest.”

Tim Leigh resigned Monday, after being asked to leave the committee by Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera.

“Peak Vista understands the valuable services our two fine hospital systems provide,” she said. “It was for this reason I originally submitted my name for the Citizens’ Commison on Ownership and Governance of Memorial Health System. I believe this (serving on the commission) will present a perception of a conflict of interest that will become a distraction to the important work of the commission that is unnecessary.”

A total of 11 people were selected for the commission, and Scott was one of three selected without a formal interview. Only one of those three remains, Stephen Hyde, a local health care author.

The three were chosen by council after a secret vote.

In his resignation letter, Leigh said that he was asked to leave because his wife works part-time at Memorial.

“While it’s true that my wife works as a part-time employee at the hospital … her employment would have no bearing on my ability to actively participate without any bias on the commission,” he said. “Frankly, I have more integrity than the inference. None-the-less, I respectfully withdraw from membership on the commission so the commission may proceed without any appearance of taint.”

The commission was formed to research and make recommendations regarding the future of the city-owned hospital system.

2 Responses to Scott resigns from Memorial Commission

  1. Good Grief! Are any of the commission members past or possibly future patients at Memorial? Should they resign? Every citizen of Colorado Springs has a potential conflict of interest because we own the place. I would like to see a panel that has the expertise to give this a credible evaluation, and that means members must have some knowledge of the health care/hospital industry. This is an advisory panel; its function is to provide Council and citizens with the best possible recommendations backed up by solid evaluation. Council needs all the help it can get in making this decision. Tim Leigh is a reasonable and intelligent person who would ask good questions. Not having B.J. Scott on the panel is shameful.

    Bob Stovall
    February 16, 2010 at 5:26 pm

  2. Perhaps what is needed here is a permanently seated “vetting’ committee who knows what they hell they are doing and what to look for when the city sets up these ‘panels”. This is destined to be an on-going problem when we have the blind leading the blind drawn from within a population who really has no business trying to govern themselves!

    Rick Wehner
    February 16, 2010 at 5:32 pm