Southern Colorado Business Partnership brings down ‘yellow curtain’

A dozen Southern Colorado business and tourism organizations have joined forces to create the Southern Colorado Business Partnership.

The partnership, which is essentially an expanded, renamed Pikes Peak Regional Business Partnership, is expected to give southern Colorado greater lobbying and business attraction power.

The “yellow curtain” dividing Colorado Springs and Pueblo has finally come down, said U.S. Secretary of Interior and former Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar.

That curtain was drawn as the result of decades of wrangling over water, political and economic development issues.

SCBP’s newly elected chairman of the board, Debbie Miller, who also is the Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce president, said the group’s decision developed, in part, on the results of a 2009 Brooking’s Institute study.

“They found that the country’s largest future growth would occur in five key areas. One of those was along the Front Range of Colorado, from Fort Collins to south of Pueblo.

“Our newly formed partnership represents more than 4,000 businesses. In conversations among partnership participants, we soon began to realize that together, we would be stronger, more effective in creating economic progress,” she said.

As a result, three new organizations just joined the Partnership: The Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, the Pueblo Economic Development Council and the Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation.

“By behaving as a macro group, we have exciting opportunities ahead of us. The Partnership represents a first-ever synergy. Ken Salazar would be very proud,”said Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce president David Csintyan.

Conyers and Colorado Springs EDC President Mike Kazmierski agreed that by joining forces to attract new business and to address regional issues, both cities would be stronger.

“Pueblo has actually passed on submitting packages to companies where we know Colorado Springs will have an edge,” PEDCO representative Ken Conyers said.

SCBP members include:

Eastern Plains Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce

Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce

Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation

The Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce

The Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Front Range Executive Service Corps

Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce

The Colorado Springs Black Chamber of Commerce

Experience Colorado Springs at Pikes Peak

Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Pueblo Economic Development Corp. (PEDCO)

2 Responses to Southern Colorado Business Partnership brings down ‘yellow curtain’

  1. Wow – another group. With sooooo many groups and sooooo many people studying soooo many studies will this one (unlike the other dozen or so ‘groups’) actually accomplish anything. For 2 decades many ‘groups’ have formed, shot out of the canon only to land 6 feet in front of itself – accomplishing little more than what they knew BEFORE the ‘group’ formed. But the outside consultants have enjoyed the thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars they collect to pull this information together and tell us what we already know………

    Onward to conquer another meaningless agenda.

    Ken G
    March 3, 2010 at 4:21 pm

  2. I like you Ken ;-)

    Christopher Colvin
    March 3, 2010 at 9:36 pm