ISS develops technology for White House

A national company with Colorado Springs ties will have a presence in the White House  Situation Room.

Intelligent Software Solutions developed and an application that will allow critical infrastructure monitoring at the White House, in a project sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory and Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command.

The company developed an application that will allow top officials – including the president – to view the status of any one of thousands of pieces of infrastructure with a single tap on a touch service.

“The application is really a mash-up of technologies, including the ISS-developed Web Enabled Temporal Analysis System framework for data access, combined with a custom touch interface, ” said Rob Rogers, vice president of national systems for ISS.

The program also uses the Adobe Flex framework and Google Earth.

ISS has offices in Colorado Springs; Washington, D.C.; Rome, N.Y.; and Hampton, Va.