Power plant bill gets first hearing at Capitol

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A bipartisan group of lawmakers wants Xcel Energy to reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants and give priority to replacing them with cleaner gas-powered plants.

The bill is set to get its first hearing Tuesday. It’s aimed at preventing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from cracking down on emissions on the Front Range.

By August, Xcel would have to come up with a plan for reducing emissions for at least half of its coal-fired units or 900 megawatts of their capacity, whichever is less, by 2017. It could also consider retrofitting plants with emission controls, using more renewable energy and using power more efficiently.

The bill is backed by environmentalists and the gas industry. The mining industry, however, worries it could lead to layoffs.

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One Response to Power plant bill gets first hearing at Capitol

  1. So government wants to interfere again and get my energy bills to go up. Thank you politicians? I sure wish we could tie your pay to our prosperity. My net disposable income goes down $10,000 next year because of your legislation, your salary goes down $20,000.

    Higher costs are not prudent during this time of economic woes in Obamerica.

    Christopher Colvin
    March 16, 2010 at 2:23 pm