Tea party groups talk health care strategy

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Tea-party groups are mobilizing to form a ne strategy after months of protesting a health care overhaul in Congress appear to have failed.

Groups from across Colorado were scheduled to begin meeting last night.

Many have said they will plan what to do during the fall elections and come up with strategies to boot lawmakers who favored the health care expansion.

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One Response to Tea party groups talk health care strategy

  1. Here’s what tea party protestors can do to show that they are solidly against government sponsored healthcare.
    1. Any tea party protestor who is getting medicare benefits should renounce their government paid for health care coverage
    2. Any veteran tea party protestor should stop using the VA facilities and instead sign up for health care with a private for profit health care provider
    3. Any state or federal worker (including congressmen) should go out into the private market and buy their own health care policy like millions of Americans instead of having the taxpayer pick up 70% of their premiums.

    Then I think we will have gone a long way to proving that we REALLY DO BELIEVE THAT GOVERNMENT SPONSORED HEALTH CARE IS BAD. BAD. BAD.

    Norris Hall
    March 23, 2010 at 11:33 am