State’s median insurance rate down 3%

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The state’s median auto-insurance rate is down 3 percent over the last six months, to $816 per household for six months of coverage, InsWeb Corp. reported Wednesday.

By comparison, the national median rate went up 3 percent over the last six months, the company said.

InsWeb, based in Sacramento, Calif., operates a network of insurance marketplace and education web sites, including

It said that the median six-month rate for Colorado men is $848 and for women is $781.

Among age groups, median rates are lowest for Colorado drivers ages 60 to 74 ($673) and highest for those 19 and under ($1,662).

Gender and ages are for the primary policy applicant.

Comparing insurance rates to median household income in Colorado, InsWeb said the state ranks 24th among the 50 states for insurance affordability.

InsWeb said its figures are based on profiles of customers as well as a proprietary system that tracks the rating algorithms of multiple insurance carriers in each state. It said median rates are determined using customer profiles that can include multiple drivers, multiple vehicles and other variables.