Advisory board makes recommendations to USOC

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An independent advisory committee of the U.S. Olympic Committee presented its findings to the USOC today, recommending, among other things, that the board boost its members from 11 to 15.

The committee’s report also said current USOC bylaws that govern the election of certain members should change so that each of the board’s councils nominates three candidates, from which the USOC Nominating and Governance Committee can select one to recommend to the board for consideration.

Additionally, the committee, headed by former football commissioner Paul Tagliabue, recommended that at least one seat on the board be reserved for someone with Paralympic leadership experience, in order to chair a Paralympic Advisory Council, once it is created.

“As any of our athletes can attest to, success doesn’t come overnight, and we will be diligent about discussing these findings, listening to our constituents, continuing to work hard and taking action at the appropriate time,” USOC CEO Scott Blackmun said.

Other recommendations of the committee include:

>> The USOC’s CEO should be added as a non-voting, ex-officio member of the board.

>> The board should consider extending the term limits for the chairman of the board in order to allow increased ability for international relationship building.

>> The board should eliminate the position of first vice president international. These responsibilities should fall under the CEO.

>> The board should eliminate the position of board liaison. The responsibility for communication between the board and the U.S. Olympic Assembly should fall under the CEO.

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