Debate on power plant bill delayed in Senate

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Debate on legislation to reduce power plant emissions has been postponed in the Senate.

Republican Sen. Shawn Mitchell requested the delay Monday, saying lawmakers need more time to review the bill and suggest changes.

The abrupt announcement came just after Gov. Bill Ritter joined a group of about 150 people at a rally in support of the bill. It would require Xcel Energy to reduce emissions at some of its Front Range coal-fired plants and to give primary consideration to using natural gas instead.

It passed the House with wide bipartisan support. It’s backed by environmentalists and the natural gas industry and opposed by the coal industry and unions.

Backers say the delay is aimed at picking up more GOP support for the bill.

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One Response to Debate on power plant bill delayed in Senate

  1. The picture accompanying this article is typical of environmental extremist deception tactics. The “emission” shown above is actually steam, rising from cooling towers of clean, recycled water, not an “emission” of any environmentally harmful substance. The plants which are the targets of this legislation already comply with strict emission laws. Look for a further crippled economic situation if this legislation passes.

    Lola Brimhall
    March 29, 2010 at 5:54 pm