Boulder to vote Tuesday on public nudity ban

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The Boulder City Council is taking up a measure this week to expand the city’s ban on public nudity.

Boulder’s measure up for a vote Tuesday would apply to anyone older than 10 and doesn’t apply to topless females. The City Council voted to remove language making it a crime for women to expose their nipples when initially approving the measure in February. Some officials and residents worried that provision was discriminatory since it only applied to women.

Currently, Boulder law bans nudity only at a city lake popular for nude swimming in the 1970s. Officials say not having a local nudity ban means nude partiers face state indecency charges, making them vulnerable to being put on a sex offender registry.

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One Response to Boulder to vote Tuesday on public nudity ban

  1. Boulder has a ban? If women can go around topless, why stop there? What a lewd and lascivious place this has become. Doesn’t the state laws on nudity/topless trump Boulder’s? Oh, that’s right, with the Democrats and Ritter having passed the any sex bathroom act a couple years ago, we don’t have any restrictions on indecency in this state any longer.

    April 5, 2010 at 10:45 am