Partnership targets organized retail crime

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Re-selling shoplifted items just got harder thanks to a partnership between EBay, the National Retail Federation and the FBI.

The partnership was formed to combat organized crime in the retail sector – people who steal items in bulk and then re-sell them on EBay.

The group will identify ways to use new technology to help the FBI track crime rings that are responsible for stealing bulk items and will lobby for legislation to enhance federal law enforcement resources to punish major offenders through stricter criminal penalties.

“EBay has invested in a number of new resources and is making tremendous strides assisting retailers and law enforcement with tracking illegal behavior,” said Joe LaRocca, senior asset protection adviser. “The partnership will create standards and best practices to stop criminals from fencing their stolen goods.”

Organized crime has plagued both retailers and secondary markets – particularly since the popularity of online auction sites has grown. In 2009, 92 percent of retailers said they were victimized by organized retail crime during the past year, and 73 percent said the level of organized crime has increased.