Peterson adds millions to local economy

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The overall economic impact of Peterson Air Force base grew 5.1 percent last year – thanks to more employees, more military construction expenses and an increase in jobs and salary for positions indirectly supported by the Air Force base.

Peterson estimates that it had a $1.2 billion impact to the regional economy last year, an increase from $1.1 billion the year before.

The base has 11,277 civilian and military employees and supports an annual payroll of more than $500 million annually. Last year, the base spent more than $516 million in construction, services, materials and equipment.

The analysis provided by Peterson estimates the base created nearly 5,000 jobs in the local community, with an average salary of $43,814.

One Response to Peterson adds millions to local economy

  1. Good! The more jobs, the better! I’m sick and tired of hearing about companies that are laying people off!

    Total Quality
    April 5, 2010 at 1:46 pm