Colo. to dole out $18M for energy-saving measures

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The Governor’s Energy Office is kicking off a campaign making $18 million in rebates available for Coloradans to buy energy-saving appliances and make their homes more energy efficient.

Energy Office Director Tom Plant will discuss the “Recharge Colorado” program Tuesday at the Sears store in Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood. The state will officially launch the effort April 19 with a call center and Web site.

The federal stimulus funds are expected to be enough for about 75,000 rebates for such appliances as dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators and hot-water heaters.

People can also apply for rebates to install solar-power systems in homes and small wind turbines for homes and business.

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One Response to Colo. to dole out $18M for energy-saving measures

  1. Wow. Wow Wow. Only Democrats would announce $18Million in wasteful gifts on the same day as they announce huge sweeping cuts in the state’s education systems… with a straight face.

    NEA members? Are you listening? Your union dues promoted these clowns and YOU are going to lose your jobs while we dangle cash incentives that will be given out to people who don’t even pay taxes.

    All of you Democrats have been snowed by a leftist communist regime that is going to P!$$ your country down the river of regrets. It would take 2 Ronald Reagans in a row to undo the wasteful washout of this nation’s wealth. You all wanted to take from the Rich and give to the Poor – not realizing YOU were the rich and the Leftist ideologues were the “poor”.

    April 6, 2010 at 12:23 pm