HealthONE parent HCA to file IPO

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HCA, co-parent of HealthONE, is preparing an initial public offering, Bloomberg News is reporting.

HealthONE has expressed interest in buying Memorial Health System.

The IPO could raise $3 billion and is needed to pay off its debt, which is 4.8 times its its earnings or about 425.7 billion.

HCA is headquartered in Nashville and is the largest U.S. hospital operator with 163 hospitals and 105 outpatient surgery clinics.

HealthONE is the largest health care provider in the state.

One Response to HealthONE parent HCA to file IPO

  1. To me it sounds what the complaints were against Congress’s Health Care Plan. They will take the role of the Government and tell Memorial what to do. I don’t like it. I have spent much time in Memorial and have no com-plaints about the way it is being run now. If there is any kind of corruption going on, then get rid of it. Ther is a saying which I don’t remember totally or even if it’s going in the right direction. But here it is anyhow. Don’t kill the baby for the bath water.

    Eugene Finkelstein
    April 9, 2010 at 4:19 pm