Colorado has high credit-card debt, credit scores

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Colorado and Hawaii had the highest per-capita credit card debt in the nation during March, according to Credit Karma Inc.

The states’ average balances were more than $9,200.

Nationwide, the average consumer had $8,010 in credit card debt in March, as well as $179,810 owed on home mortgage loans and $14,898 in auto loans among consumers who had those accounts, Credit Karma said.

Coloradans have an average credit score of 674, above the national average of 664.

“Credit card utilization and credit scores go hand in hand,” Credit Karma CEO Ken Lin said in a statement. “Despite the volatility in credit scores in much of 2009, credit scores appear to be stabilizing in 2010 as consumers maintain their finances and avoid adding additional debt.”
The report is based on data from some 103,600 Credit Karma customers.