Door-to-door sellers on Attorney General’s list

The Colorado Attorney General’s office reports a “sharp increase” in the number of complaints it has received about fraudulent magazine sales since the end of March.

So far the greatest number of complaints has come from Denver and Boulder where door-to-door salespeople offering magazine subscriptions have contacted consumers. Their pitch is that they represent both known and unknown magazine companies and are offering magazine subscriptions at a discount.

Consumers should be wary of salesmen who show up on their doorsteps “proffering goods or services,” said Attorney General John Suthers. He also advised consumers not to make a purchase or sign a contract based solely on a doorstep sales pitch.

He recommends the following steps in dealing with any door-to-door salesperson:

  • Obtain the name, address and phone number of the company the salesman represents. Verify the company’s details through your local Better Business Bureau;
  • Contact the company directly to verify legitimacy of the salesperson;
  • Get the details of the offer in writing and carefully review them. Do not accept verbal promises not included in the contract;
  • If you decide to conduct business with the company, make the check payable to the company and not the salesperson;
  • Never pay cash; and,
  • Never allow salespeople into your home.

Consumers should also report them to their local police, sheriff’s department or district attorney’s office. Consumers also can file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General at or by calling 1-800-222-4444.

The Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s office in Colorado Springs so far has not received complaints about fraudulent magazine sales, according to district’s Division Manager of Economic Crimes Unit Pam Lillie, but is receiving other calls.

“We get a lot of identity theft calls. They’re on the rise. We’re also getting a lot of complaints on Vacation Ventures, a time share promoter. I think the attorney general is now handling those calls; they’re not just in El Paso County.”