BLM advisory council nomination deadline nears

The Bureau of Land Management Front Range District is seeking nominations for five open positions on the Front Range Resource Advisory Council, which advises the BLM on public land issues.

Nominations must be received no later than May 10.

The BLM’s advisory councils are composed of residents chosen for their expertise in natural resource issues who can help the bureau carry out its stewardship of 253 million acres of public lands. The bureau manages more land than any other Federal agency – most of which is located in the western United States.

The Front Range advisory council is one of three councils in Colorado, and one of 24 resource advisory councils across the West.

Nominees should have an interest in public land management – such as conservationists, ranchers, outdoor recreationists, state and local government officials, Tribal officials, and members of higher education faculties whose expertise is in natural resources.

Individuals may nominate themselves or others to serve.

The five positions open in the Front Range RAC are in the following categories:

Category One – (one position)

A representative of livestock grazing, energy and mineral

development, timber industry, transportation or rights-of-way, off-highway vehicle use, or commercial recreation.

Category Two – (two positions)

Representatives of nationally or regionally recognized

environmental organizations, archaeological and historical organizations, dispersed

recreation activities, or wild horse and burro organizations.

Category Three – (two positions, one of which represents an elected official)

Representatives of state, county, or local elected office; representatives and employees of a state agency responsible for the management of natural resources; representatives of Indian tribes within or adjacent to the area for which the RAC is organized; representatives and employees of academic institutions who are involved in natural sciences; or the public-at-large.

For a nomination form and more information, visit the bureau’s Web site or contact Cass Cairns, Front Range RAC coordinator at 719-269-8553.