Fort Carson growth plan up for public review

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Coinciding with today’s Fort Carson public townhall meeting, the draft of Phase II of Fort Carson Regional Growth Plan is now available for public comment. Public review and input are requested by May 14.

The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments and its consultant team developed the growth plan as a comprehensive community planning effort that addresses the impacts of rapid growth at Fort Carson on surrounding communities.

Phase II of the growth plan provides additional data and analysis, including: updated assessments of current conditions, including economic fluctuations affecting regional housing and growth; greater analysis regarding soldier and family demographics and preferences for housing, child care, and other services; projections of future needs, taking into account factors such as deployments; and detailed data to help local communities and service providers manage resources and coordinate services in response to Fort Carson’s rapid growth.

Community input is needed, officials said, to address the impacts of Fort Carson growth on the region and to ensure that resources are available to meet soldier and family needs, as well as maintain and enhance the quality of life in the Pikes Peak region as Fort Carson grows.

PPACG is seeking public input on the draft Phase II Growth Plan through Friday, May 14.

The public may access the draft Phase II Growth Plan and provide comments and input on the PPACG Web site.

The Fort Carson Regional Growth Plan: Phases I and II
In 2006, the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments obtained funding from the Department of Defense and the Office of Economic Adjustment to conduct studies for the Fort Carson Regional Growth Plan.

Phase I of the Growth Plan launched after the announcement of Base Realignment and Closure, also known as BRAC, and other DoD initiatives that would double the number of troops stationed at Fort Carson. Phase I was completed in June 2008.

Phase II, initiated in July 2008, maintains regional partnerships between Fort Carson and off-post entities. Phase II also provides a greater level of detail on soldier and family demographics and regional impacts of Fort Carson growth and deployments.

Phase II is scheduled for completion in June.