Mortgage jobs opening up

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Mortgage companies, once at the forefront of subprime mortgage crisis-related layoffs and closings, are hiring again.

In what industry officials describe as the “biggest jump in mortgage jobs in four years,” the number of people working in mortgage lending grew by more than 4,000 in a single month.

In its monthly report, the Bureau of Employment Statistics today said that the number of people employed in the mortgage business stood at 254,000 during February.

Indicative of that trend, today’s MortgageDaily news alert,, published by Sam Garcia provided the following hiring overview:

Chase plans to recruit 300 mortgage officers over the next six months for an expanded refinance program.

GMAC’s is hiring “hundreds of originators and sales managers” for a new loan origination virtual network initially launched in Arizona, California, North Carolina and South Carolina

Well Fargo’s mortgage unit has added more than 6,000 employees during the past six months – many related to the government’s home buyer tax credit program.

A default service provider in Arizona has created 100 job openings tied to the government’s new program that provides incentives for loan servicers to utilize short sales

Semper Home Loans, a government-based lender in Providence, Rhode Island expects to triple its staff in the next two months.

All companies, however, are not faring equally well.

One Chicago-based mortgage firm filed state-of-Illinois-required notification that it would soon implement a mass layoff of about 400 workers.