Major water supply line damaged by boulder

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A rock slide in the high country last week damaged the Homestake pipeline, north of Otero pump station in Buena Vista. The 40-year-old water delivery system will be out of service for about two weeks.

A large boulder – about the size of a compact car – tumbled down a cliff into the area where the 60-inch pipe is buried.

According to Colorado Springs Utilities, the pipe delivers up to 70 percent of the community’s water
Although the pipe is buried five feet underground, the force and weight of the boulder caused a crack that runs the entire circumference of the pipe, according to CSU water services officer Bruce McCormick.

“We are fortunate that this occurred at a wet time of year, when our reservoirs are at high levels. Therefore, we don’t foresee any impacts to water supply for our customers,” said McCormick.