Goodwill recognizes key partner

This week a key public-private collaboration was recognized for its assistance in meeting the needs of vulnerable families.

The El Paso County Department of Human Services (DHS) was honored by Goodwill Industries this week as a key “Recovery Partner” at the nonprofit organization’s annual dinner.

Goodwill Industries is contracted by the Department of Human Services for the administration of a variety of programs.  Goodwill manages Milestones Cases which provide job training and employment workshops for families receiving economic assistance.  Low-Income Energy Assistance (LEAP), which assists more than 10,000 households in El Paso County, is run by Goodwill.  Employment First, Child Care Licensing, the Parent Opportunity Program and the Life Skills Program are also all administered by Goodwill.

“We would not be able to handle the increased need we’ve seen over the last year without this important … partnership with Goodwill Industries,” said Commissioner Sallie Clark, who serves as the liaison commissioner to the Department of Human Services.

Goodwill helps clients gain and maintain employment and ultimately reach financial independence, a skill that has become even more critical in this tough economy, Clark said.