Memorial commission chooses consultant

The Memorial Commission on Ownership and Governance has chosen a Chicago-based consultant to assist with its work.
In a unanimous vote yesterday, the nine-member group voted to hire Larry Singer as its consultant. Singer will now negotiate the terms of his contract with memorial Health System. MHS is responsible for paying for the commission’s expenses.

Singer made a presentation to the board Monday afternoon. The group also heard from Stroudwater Capital of Phoenix yesterday before settling on Singer.

Singer, who also teaches at Loyola University in addition to his consultant practice, told the board that the city had chosen a good time to look into the issue of Memorial’s future.

“The hospital is on good financial standing,” he said. “And that means you have a lot of options. Cities who want to sell their hospitals when they are losing money have fewer options.”

Health care reform will change the hospital landscape in the next few years and should be taken into consideration when deciding what to recommend to city council, he said.

Singer operates a one-man business, and told the board he only accepts a few jobs a year. That allows him to focus on each client individually.

“If you choose me, you have me – 24/7,” he said. “That’s just the way I operate.”

One Response to Memorial commission chooses consultant

  1. What a collective slap in the face to Colorado Springs. What this shows is the city council appointed a commission that has no healthcare background. The commission cannot do the task set before them. Due to the complete lack of ability of the commission they now have to spend close to half a million dollars and hire a so called outside expert to do their job for them. This guys expertise is in the legal field selling and buying hospitals. I personally asked him how we are to know that he has no hidden agenda to broker a sell to one of his clients. He wouldnt answer the question! I was there for the interview and it was pathetic. Most people interview their dog walker harder. Wake up Colorado Springs and start asking questions before Memorial is gone. Do not doubt that we are in DIRE STRAITS right now.

    May 5, 2010 at 10:09 am