AMA provides online help to file claims

The American Medical Association launched a new online resource to help doctors file claims in the settlement reached against UnitedHealth Group.

Launched in April, the site will guide doctors to obtaining their share of the $350 million settlement that serves to compensate physicans and their patents for 15 years of artificially low payments for out-of-network services.

Doctors can use the site to see if they are entitled to any money from the settlement, reached earlier this year.

The AMA worked for more than 10 years to expose the price-fixing scheme used by UnitedHealth to underpay doctors.
The current settlement deadlines include the following dates
July 27: deadline for filing objections to the settlement or for opting out of the settlement
Sept. 13: date for the final hearing to consider any filed objections
Oct. 5: deadline for filing a claim to share in the settlement fund.