Restaurant gets good news from Liquor Board

What began as a simple remodeling project at the Marigold Café and Bakery was stalled when the state’s Department of Revenue appeared on the scene in response to an anonymous complaint.

Owners Elaine and Dominique Chavanon were surprised to find out that they did not have the appropriate state modification permit and Liquor Board approval to complete the job.

“Even our general contractor, Bryan Construction, was surprised,” Elaine Chavannon said. “We were just moving a wall and adding a counter with seating. No one thought an additional permit was necessary.”

As a result of the work stoppage, floor-to-ceiling black visquene material has remained in place, and the wine bar has not opened even though construction was completed.

Today brought forward progress, however. The Colorado Springs Liquor and Beer Licensing Board approved the restaurant’s modification application.

It was welcome news for the owners, but not a final chapter in the ongoing saga.

The application will now be forwarded to the state for approval.

Once the modification is received by the state – usually a one- to- two-week process – one of the City Clerk’s staff will inspect the premises, said Deputy City Clerk Cindy Conway.

“Generally, after receiving the approval document from the state, it takes a few days to schedule the inspection,” she said.