Pilot program puts advertising on city streets

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The city has launched a pilot parking-stripe-advertising program on downtown streets and on select city parking lots.

Currently, the program only includes public service advertising, but the city might open it up for commercial business as well.

The adhesive advertising strips have been placed on parking stripes along several blocks on Tejon Street in the downtown area, Sertich Ice Arena parking and two parking lots adjacent to city softball fields.

The public safety advertising will run until through early July.

“This is a pilot project,” city spokeswoman Sue Skiffington-Blumberg said. “We want to get feedback from the public, and as we expand we hope to interest commercial advertisers. We’re not talking big bucks just yet, but we expect that we’ll be offering the parking stripes as part of an advertising package.”

2 Responses to Pilot program puts advertising on city streets

  1. Interesting idea. A good way to raise revenue for the city. How is the city going to spend the money?

    Christopher Colvin
    May 27, 2010 at 11:56 am

  2. As long as we are moving the city from a relatively classy area to one of unbelievable tackiness, several similar measures could be adopted.

    Overlay city firetrucks with graphics similar to those on the city buses. Fire extinguisher companies, smoke detector firms, and the plethora of ambulance chasing lawyers would surely pay a good price for space to hawk their services.

    Police cruisers could have trunk mounted advertising board on the rear of the car like Yellow Cabs. I would think bail bondsmen, and security firms would buy space.

    Plenty of city buildings where glaring, flashing electronic billboards could be mounted. Not sure why there has been no approach to McDonald’s about putting in a burger joint in city buildings.

    Small signs could be mounted on top of each parking meter – boy– sign could face two directions and get all kind of ad exposure there.

    Rick Wehner
    May 27, 2010 at 4:53 pm