Ritter signs medical marijuana regulations

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Colorado’s medical marijuana industry will now have to follow new statewide regulations.

Gov. Bill Ritter on Monday signed two bills passed by state lawmakers this session to rein in the growing number of marijuana dispensaries and growers.

Both laws take effect immediately.

One requires that only doctors in good standing be able to recommend medical marijuana. The other sets up a uniform set of rules for marijuana dispensaries and growers statewide.

Cities and counties are able ban dispensaries within their borders. In places where they’re allowed, owners will have to undergo criminal background checks. Dispensaries must grow 70 percent of their marijuana, a provision aimed at keeping tabs on where the drug is being sold.

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2 Responses to Ritter signs medical marijuana regulations

  1. ……. signing unconstitutional laws, boy am i glad this guy’s not running for re-election !

    Like it'll matter .....
    June 7, 2010 at 12:00 pm

  2. The city performed in a workmanlike manner to craft an ordinance that respected the needs of the legitimate individuals who receive benefit from this form of controversial medication – even to the point of being patient with the shrillness of the county district attorney and maybe not so patient with the chamber rep who presented the results of those 60 out of 2400 members who are opposed to marijuana dispensaries.

    The county commissioners on the other hand have come right out stating words to the effect: “We just don’t want this in our community.”

    The unanswered question is: who is this ” WE” being referenced? Any polling I have seen, even though rather small in numbers, indicates the local public is in favor or medical marijuana being available 60 out of each 100 responses.

    Are commissioners voting their own moral views or are they truly representing the majority of their constituents? Where are the numbers substantiating this rather ambiguous WE? How many people has the county interviewed or polled? How can they possibly claim to be representing the people with no numbers to back up their position?

    This matter comes before the board again this week. Ritter, signing this bill with the ‘opt-out’ provision by county or city, plays right into the hands of Dan May and Wayne Williams. Yet – where are the numbers from the city police department related to medical marijuana dispensary crimes? Where are the results published on the seven dispensaries that were ‘raided’ two weeks ago? Why has Dan May not been able to come up with numbers asked of him at city council meetings as to the numbers of people admitted to local ER’s from medical marijuana overdoses?

    Rick Wehner
    June 7, 2010 at 4:32 pm