Bruce submits rival ‘strong mayor’ amendment

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A petition committee headed by Douglas Bruce has filed a proposed “strong mayor” initiative, which proposes giving the mayor power lower taxes, excuse code violators, prepay debts and impound funds.

The mayor also would be empowered to direct enterprises such as Colorado Springs Utilities, Memorial Health System, the Pikes Peak Highway and golf courses.  He or she would have the power to hire and fire all city employees except four council appointees, the city attorney, city clerk, auditor and utilities director.

Under the proposal, the “strong mayor” would also have all the powers proposed by the rival initiative created by Citizens for Accountable Government.

The proposed amendment would create a new section of the charter, which would effectively undo much of the existing document.

The “statement of intent,” filed yesterday follows.

Petition Committee:

Douglas Bruce – Helen Patrice Collins – Janet Clouse – Douglas N Stinehagen – Earl R Schulte – John W Heimsoth – Bruce Nozolino

Proposed Charter Amendment –

16-10. The office of mayor shall replace the positions of city manager, assistant city manager, chief financial officer, economic development director and manager, community development director and the public communications division.  Legal references to “city manager” shall now read “mayor”.  The mayor may also veto ordinances,resolutions, appointments, and spending and budget line items within 20 days after council passage; prepay debts, pay claims, impound funds, refund charges and lower taxes and fees; excuse code violators and penalties; and direct enterprises and authorities.

2 Responses to Bruce submits rival ‘strong mayor’ amendment

  1. “Strong Mayor”, “Charismatic Visionary” . . . . ability to hire and fire at will.

    Open your eyes members of Citizens for Accountable Leadership. You are pawns in Bruce’s attempt to create a position that is not far from dictatorial and for which I am sure he would tell you he is best suited.

    And tell me, will you be happy when someone in that position makes decisons you don’t like. Or will you then insist on a City Manager that can be controlled.

    June 10, 2010 at 10:36 am

  2. Is Bruce Going to run his campaign from jail? Stay with the best form.

    R.J. Intindola
    June 26, 2010 at 10:43 am